Ride an ATV to the Lava Wall!


The beauty of the Mayon Volcano can be seen all around the cities and towns around its fringes. Usually to appreciate its beauty up close is to take a  trek that would take hours. Today,  a more thrilling option is to ride an ATV towards the lava front.

Fully automatic, gas and go, all terrain vehicles are now available for this lava tour. Virtually no prior experience on riding ATVs is required. 5-10 minutes practice ride is all what it takes for the first timer to get used to the ignition, throttle, brakes and direction. Since it is four wheeled, even non-bicycle riders can have a GO at it.

The units are 150cc, auto-drive, and its power and acceleration can easily manage the river and rocky trail towards the lava front.

While these ATVs are powerful enough to manage the challenging trail, it is also NOT too powerful as to pose a safety risk to the regular tourist who would just like to appreciate the Mayon Volcano on another perspective--that is on top of an ATV.

Bicol Adventure ATV is 100% FUN. But while having fun, Bicol Adventure ATV team has safety first on its priority list.




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MAYON ATV (Your Brother Travel and Tours)

Your Brother travel and tours is the original ATV service provider that started and came up with the idea of having an ATV tour to Mayon with different destinations and activities the Father and Son tandem and idea of our company was to have a different spice and adventure to help promote the tourism of legazpi city, the tour started last 2007 with just one unit and now we have about 75 units and has been accredited and recommended by the Department of Tourism and The City Government of Legazpi as a ATV service provider, we have catered in the past few years both local and international Media from Tourism shows,sports and recreational and leisure television shows, we have been also featured and been a front cover of Magazine and newspaper and has been a widespread talk of the town because of the unique adventure and adrenaline that is on the tour, from local celebrities to business tycoons here in the Philippines and Hollywood actor we have catered all major tourist and visitors that has visited the region. The ATV tour to mount Mayon is one adventure that you must try once you step into the soil of Bicol because this adventure will turn your adrenaline and excitement into the next level. for bookings and reservation you may call or text us anytime. Contact us now and ride with the original ATV service provider in bicol that created the ATV tour to mayon contact us at 09054557594/09175958859/09053636330 or land line no. (052) 742-9871. look for your brother ATV site the original and the best ATV service provider. or email us at cyrelfrancis.chan@gmail.com

The Official ATV service provider of Legazpi City and the only site located in Brgy. pawa of Legazpi city, We are the Original ATV site that has tours going to the lava front.

Accredited By The Department Of Tourism as a Tour Agency and Operator and has been Catering ATV tours,Van Rental,Airline reservation,Educational Tours and Other Tours here in Bicol.




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