Mayon Rest House: Into the Danger Zone

Nestled halfway on the slope of Mount Mayon is the famed Mayon Skyline View Deck also known as Mayon Rest House. Formerly the bustling Mayon Skyline Hotel, its business operations have been halted due to the unpredictable outbursts of Mt. Mayon in recent decades, but the place has been preserved and converted into a lovely nature park. It has a multi-purpose hall used for receptions and parties and some recreational facilities.

The park  is a favorite place for picnics and field trips due to its cool temperature reminiscent of Tagaytay’s People Sky Park, and its panoramic views of the surrounding towns, ocean and mountains. Adjacent to the park’s multi-purpose hall is Mayon Planetarium and Science Park where photo exhibits and documentaries about volcanoes are shown. It  has become one of the top destinations in Albay and is the best place to go to get up close and personal with the beautiful but dangerous volcano.


Located on the eastern slope of the volcano, the rest house is easily accessible via Tabaco City, about half an hour drive from the city proper. There is no public transport that goes directly there but motorcycles, jeepneys or vans can be rented to reach it. The journey to the top is a scenic drive through verdant vegetation with stunning vistas of blue waters and mountains from afar unfolding the further you drive.

Local produce harvested from the fertile soil around the volcano are sold along the road. Despite of the constant danger posed by the volcano, the villagers who live on the slope of the mountain choose to remain within the declared danger zone as the area around Mt Mayon is their livelihood. The road on the way up is also dotted with white concrete crosses about 1 kilometer away from each other. It is a popular place for Stations of the Cross during the Holy Week.

The Mayon Rest House is about Mayon. It is the star and the entertainment itself. Unless you’re adventurous enough to trek all the way to the top, this is the closest you’ll get to the most active volcano in the Philippines.

Mayon Planetarium and Science Park Fee

Parking Fee – Php 10
Planetarium Fee – Php 10
Toilet Fee – Php 6
Wall Climbing – Php 50/hour
Zip Slide – Php 100 -

Bit of Historical Info

It was the Americans who initially built the Seismological instrument now being used by the Philippines Astronomical, Geological and Seismological Agency (PAGASA). Based on historical and scientific studies over a period of many hundreds of years that Mt. Mayon's eruptions had occured, this side of the volcano was never hit by lava flow. This was good enough justification for the instruments to be installed there to monitor Mt. Mayon's volcanic activity and at the same time be able to predict forthcoming eruptions.

The Mayon Science Park & Planetarium is built on the volcano’s slope, offering a panoramic view of the famous Mayon skyline, the Pacific Ocean, nearby towns and lakes, Curangon Shoal, San Miguel Island, and Mount Malinao (another volcano within the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire).

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Photo Credit:Claire Raborar and Mayon ATV


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