"Skimboarding at Legazpi's Black Sand Beaches"

The sport of skimboarding entails running as fast as you are willing to fall, throwing your skimboard onto a thin film of water (around an inch deep of water is best), and then hopping onto your board and sliding down the slope of the beach.  If your athletic and talented enough you can do one of three things while sliding down the sand, one is to start doing some wild tricks like handstands or 360s, or you could use the incoming wave as a makeshift ramp and launch yourself into the air (up to 3 feet if you’re going fast enough on a good sized wave) or do what the masters do and meet the incoming wave, turn around, and surf it back to the shore (after successfully doing this you are expected to throw a thumbs up and the biggest smile you can muster as the crowds start cheering! -There are often lots of kids on the shore who cheer on the pros or give useful tips to beginners).

It actually seems like a very easy and straightforward thing to do, but like many other sports, it is a bit harder than it looks. With a little bit of practice though, a few wipeouts, and lots of guts (the faster you run the longer your ride!-but again remember run only as fast as your willing to fall) you can be a skimboard pro in no time.


SOURCE: http://wowlegazpi.com/skimboarding-in-legazpis-volcanic-beaches/

Article by: Martin Reynoso
Photo: Yves Eli Yu


Skimboard Spot Bicol

Skimboarding is one of the fast growing water sports in the Philippines. The sport was first introduced in Leyte, which is the Skimboarding capital of the country today and the home of the best Filipino skim rider like Obet Yanuario, Brando,Dariel and Leo Espada, Niko and Momai Cobacha, Rioben Vivero, and a lot more. These skimmers take home the national recognition in skimboarding not just in the Philippines but in Asia as well. The first skimboards of these kids are made from plywood and developed tofoamy skimboards as time passes because of sponsorships and donations. 

Bicol  is just a neighboring region of Leyte around 4 hours to 5 hours of travel. Skimboarding becomes popular in Bicol as well.And at the present time, a lot of good skimmers in the province are also getting better and better to equal the top riders of the country. This is because of the good waves that you can find in Bicol skim spot. Below are the list of the top skimboarding spots in the region.


San Isidro, Sto. Domingo, Albay

This is the best place to skimmers in the country aimed at breaking the Costa Grande. Waves at the site range from the coast to break 3feet 10feet, but can not navigate the site since the waves here are walls. Out of season during the months April to August, the waves here are small, but still breaks the coast. Skimmers never run out of good waves all year round in SD. National and local skimboarding competencies are conducting on-site and in each season (January, February and April). 

Bolo, Tiwi Albay 

Bolo, Tiwi is the skim located in the northeastern province of Albay. The waves here are good for surf and skimmers who loves the line. Covered with red sand and a long coastline, skim riders can take the free beach. National and local competitions are also held skimboarding in place for the season.

Tabaco City, Paracale, Daet, San Jose (Bacacay), Bulan and Arimbay (Legazpi) also known points in Bicol. Try to visit and experience the charms to surf and skimboard like no other in the world, only in B'Cool!

SOURCE: http://iskateiskimisurf-iskimiskateisurf.blogspot.com/2011/07/skim-spots-bicol.html

Photo: Mike Jaymalin



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