Quick Facts on Malinao

  • LAND AREA: 107.50 square kilometers
  • POPULATION: 42,770 (As of 2010)
  • MAJOR INDUSTRY: Agriculture and Fisheries


The municipality of Malinao was founded in 1600, or 79 years after Magellan landed in Cebu and planted the first Christian Cross.

Between 1600 and 1616, Malinao was then part of the Diocese of Cagsawa (now Daraga). It became an independent bisita or sitio attached to Sawangan (now Legazpi City) until 1619, when separate religious administration was exercised with Rev. Francisco de Sta. Ana, OFM, as first pastor.

Local folklore speaks of a plant once rich in this town called "ALINAO." The prefix "MA," which denotes abundance of something in local dialect, was affixed by the natives in referring to the place abundant with Alinao, thus Ma-alinao and later corrupted to Malinao.

It was, however, in 1916 when, according to legendary account, Malinao got its name. A siege by Moros on town resulted in the abduction of seven women. Miraculously, the boat sank within the jurisdictional waters of Malinao and on that same spot in the sea across the island of natunawan because of the women's fervent prayer in canticles and "tarahades" or clear thoughts for the Blessed Virgin to sink the boat. From these "clear thoughts" of the seven women translated in Bicol dialect as "malinao na isip." The name of Malinao was given to the Municipality. It has since then the tradition among the residents particularly the women, to sing the canticles or tarahades in times of crisis or calamities or when they want to drive away epidemics and misfortunes.




Tourist Destinations

Malinao Falls (Vera Falls)

Located in a secluded nook at the southern base of Mt. Malinao is Vera Falls: a paradise of forest and clear cascading water, a little over an hour away from Legazpi. It is a natural treasure to behold, and easily accessible ecotourism site with a big reward. An exotic 1,200m (1,000 yards) foot trail through lush vegetation awaits trekkers before arriving at the crystal blue lagoon covered under a forest canopy. The sound of the cascading water and native birds heightens the sense of tropical paradise.


St. Joachim and St. Anne Parish Church

Malinao heritage site.



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Alinao Festival

An annual tribute every July 20-27 to the lost tree of Alinao on the mountains of Malinao, is clelbrated annualy in keeping with people's observance of the town fiesta in honor of patron sanits, Joachim and Anne. The Alinao Festival has become a tourist attraction which has successfully drawn attention from both local and foreign guests.


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