Quick Facts on Rapu-Rapu

  • POPULATION: 35, 875 (As of 2010)
  • MAJOR INDUSTRY: Agriculture (Palay and Abaca), Handicraft Making (Banig),

Brief History

The municipality of Rapu - Rapu is composed of two big islands, namely, Batan and Rapu - Rapu. Before it became a municipality on 1901, it was a bario of Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon. The Visita (Chapel) here and the spiritual and pastoral needs of the people were taken care of by the Parish Priest of Prieto Diaz. Records show that Rev. Fr. Santiago Nepomuceno was in charge here in the early part of 1891, then Rev. Fr. Juan Brusola took over. It was during his term that the Parish of Sta. Florentina was founded. 

     Sometime after the year 1891,Rapu - Rapu and Batan Islands became part of the municipality of Bacon, Sorsogon mainly due to their geographical location, nearer to Bacon than to Prieto Diaz. This move was more favorable to the people transportation - wise and business - wise. Because of the growing population in both islands, Governor Arlington Betts, Civil Governor for the Province of Albay, created the municipality of Rapu - Rapu in 1901. A plebiscite was held. The people were made to choose, if they would want to belong to the province of Sorsogon or to the province of Albay. Majority of the people chose Albay for their province and their will pass respected. 

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Tourist Destinations

Pototan Cave Cave

Is located at Batan Island. A four hour spelunking adventure about 10 ft. above the beach line. Its cave entrance, 30 ft. high and 20 ft. wide, is shaped like a yawning mouth. Once inside, an underground river that in parts, reaches a depth of 12 ft. calmly flows into different chambers and passageways. Stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes, sizes and contours are carved on cragggy walls.


Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Legazpi to Batan (PhP 100.00) - 7:AM to 9:00 AM

Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Batan to Legazpi (PhP 100.00) - 12:00NN to 3:00 PM


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Minaroso Cave

Is located in Hamorawon, a barangay of Batan Island, the natural cavern is situated close to the sea. It is a haven of sea birds and swallows.


PUJ - Legazpi to Tabaco (35.00) - 45 mins

Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Tabaco to Villahermosa- 12:00 NN to 2:00 PM

Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Villahermosa to Hamorawon

Ginanayan Island

Has a size of more or less 127 hectares suited for beach resort development because of its wide white sand surrounding the island. It's best for Snorkeling. Scuba-diving, Sports fishing and Camping


PUJ - Legazpi to Tabaco (35.00) - 45 mins

Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Tabaco to Guinanayan - 12:00 NN to 2:00 PM

Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Ginanayan to Tabaco - 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM

Saltahan Falls

Aside from offering cool water for a refreshing dip, it is the source of irrigation water for the farms of the municipality. A diversion were built downstream of the falls directs the water to an irrigation canal by the left bank. The falls is composed of two cascades, with the upper one about 20 meters upstream. Due to the bend of the river, the upper cascade can only be seen after climbing the first cascade. True enough, the word saltahan means a place to climb up.


Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Legazpi to Rapu-Rapu (Pob) - 7:AM to 9:00 AM

Motorboat (Passenger Boat) - Rapu-Rapu (Pob) to Legazpi - 12:00NN to 3:00 PM


Layag Festival

A week-long activity commemorated every May 20-27, coinciding with the feast day of Barangay Poblacion's patroness Sta. Florentina. The festival name was taken from a local word "Layag" or sail which was an implement of transportation of the early people of Rapu-Rapu. It depicts the people's journey of faith.



Subang Festival

Four-day thanksgiving celebration (May 15-18) in Barangay Villahermosa in honor of the barangay's patron saint St. Joseph the worker. During the festival, the legend of Rapu-Rapu is depicted in street dancing and actually an entry from the Municipality on yearly celebration of Magayon Festival of Albay.




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