Quick Facts on Malilipot

  • LAND AREA: 44.13 km2 (17.04 sq mi)
  • POPULATION: 35,567 (As of 2010)
  • MAJOR INDUSTRY: Agriculture, Handicraft Making (Abaka)

Brief History

Malilipot is a fourth class municipality in the province of Albay, Philippines.

Malilipot traces its history to the expedition of Captain Juan de Salcedo in 1573 and the colonization of Albay Bay, now called Albay, with 120 soldiers and guides. During these period, towns were established. Libon was founded in 1573, Polangui in 1589, Oas in 1587, and Malinao in 1600. Other municipalities were established in succession. A story alleged that the Spanish colonizers reached this new settlement in the month of December. The weather was so cold that the Spaniards exclaimed "muy frio" which the natives interpreted as "Malilipot" meaning very cold.

Another story alleged that when a Spanish ship disembarked on the bay of Malilipot, Spaniards asked a native fishermen for the name of the place. Due to language barrier, the natives thought he was asked what are their conditions, to which they replied "nalilipot kami". The Spaniards then conclude that the place was "Malilipot".

Another legendary name given to the town was "Manlipod" meaning "Protector" attributed to the mountain ranges which had protected the town from the early destructive eruptions of Mayon Volcano. It was said that, had it not been for these mountain ranges, the poblacion would have been buried under the molten lava and ashes emitted by Mt. Mayon. These protective mountains are Toktokan and Bulawan (meaning Gold) situated on the southern part and extends to the western side of the town, and screens it from the ravages of Mayon Volcano. The town is popularly known as Malilipot. Now, the official name of the town is Malilipot (Ma-li-li-pot), accented on the third syllable.

Tourist Destinations


Busay Falls is a popular day trip destination for local tourists on weekends especially during the hot summer months of March, April, and May. It is tucked away in a forested mountain at the quaint town of Malilipot in Albay. The seven-tiered falls are about 5 kilometers from Tabaco City proper, 20 kilometers north of Legaspi City and is easily accessible by both private and public transport. It is considered one of the highest waterfalls in the country descending in stages from a height of 250 meters cascading into seven small pools.

The water plunges approximately 91 meters from its highest point, and the last 40-meter cascade drops to a small and shallow pool which is the most popular among the seven falls.

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Malilipot is best known for its cold breezy nights and tropical rainforest that cradles beautiful falls and cold water springs.

These inspire our good fellow Atty. Rick De Jesus to bring this wonder of nature to the convenience of common people. Through his vision “Dos Montes Spring Resort” comes to life, the name derived from the 2 adjacent mountains called “Bulakawan” and “Toktokan”, a horticultural land space measuring 2 hectares turned into a breathtaking vacation haven of Zen and relaxation.

Most of the Asian folks love to bath on a hot spring since the beginning of history but far from their knowledge that swimming to cold water has surprising benefits. Natural cold water spring swimming can boost your immune system, increase production of Endorphins (body’s natural pain killer), gets the blood pumping, improve your sex life and it helps burn excess calories.

A dip in our all natural spring water pools will confirm the unique properties of Malilipot’s natural springs. It is not treated with any known water treatment chemicals, the pools are drained every 24 hours and the water itself contains natural salts and essential compounds that are removed during chlorination.

Our resort has 15 exquisite cottages and 6 cozy rooms that will ensure that every guest will feel the warmth atmosphere of a home far away from home. We also ensure the security and convenience of our guests, the establishment has 24 hours CCTV camera coverage, each strategic post has a security personnel and resorts staff.

The place is just a 3 minute walk from the National road and 5 minutes travel from Tabaco City Proper. Foods and Beverages are available 24 hours. Free parking on our 1,500 square meter parking lot and If you crave for more adventure, we can organize a mountain trekking and hiking at the nearby hills and the famous “Busay Falls”.

Allow us to bring you closer to nature, release your stress and find inner peace with our tranquil place and soothing waters.

Get the most of your money, choose the comfort of our amenities… Feel the calmness of mountain breeze… be inspired of the breathtaking view… Sit down and relax, Dos Montes Spring Resorts will take care of your vacation.

Brgy. 1. Poblacion. Malilipot, Albay, 4510 Philippines
(63) (52) 435-2872
(63) (948) 924-3396


An agri-tourism spot showcasing the state-of-the-art in milk production, varieties of technological components of the project are being displayed. Frequesting from visitors coming from the different regions, this spot caters to spectators delight and education. Mounting on a 38-hectare area 600 ft. above sea level, the 20 head dairy cattle directly purchased from New Zealand is itself an attraction. This farm is just 3 kilometers away from Poblacion.



A weeklong celebration showcasing abaca hemp – locally known as lubid which the municipality is known to be the region’s major producer. Various activities highlighted by street dance parade where participants are colorfully dressed in abaca costumes.


Product How Much (Range of Prices) Outlet (Where to Buy)
Abaka Fiber Placemats 50.00-150.00 Sela's Minimart, Malilipot, Albay
Abaka Bags 100.00 - 300.00 Sela's Minimart, Malilipot, Albay
Abaka Slippers 35.00 - 50.00 Sela's Minimart, Malilipot, Albay
Abaka Pinokpok materials 300.00 - 350.00 Alimania's Store, Malilipot, Albay

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Emma R. Bordeos
Tourism Officer
LGU - Malilipot, Albay
Tel. No. 09306922849
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