Did you know that: at the start of SY 1998-99, four out of ten weighed elementary school children in Bicol Region were underweight?

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RV-FS#07, Series of 1999
At the start of the school year 1998-1999, 782,902 of the 789,217 elementary school children from nine school divisions in Bicol Region were weighed. Of this number, 26.2 percent came from Camarines Sur, 20.8 percent from Albay, Masbate (18.5 percent), Sorsogon (12.7 percent), Camarines Norte (10.5 percent), Catanduanes (3.9 percent), Legaspi City (2.9 percent), Naga City (2.8 percent), and 1.7 percent were from Iriga City. Results showed that 43.4 percent (or 4 out of 10) of the weighed students were underweight, 52.7 percent had normal weight and 3.4 percent were overweight.
Of the total underweight children, 5.9 percent were severely underweight, 35.6 percent were moderately underweight, and 58.4 percent were mildly underweight. Meanwhile, 53.1 percent of the overweight children were classified as moderately severe, and 46.9 percent were mildly overweight.
Among the school divisions surveyed, Camarines Sur had the highest percentage of underweight pupils, at 48.7 percent. It was followed by Albay and Sorsogon, at 45.4 and 44.5 percent, repectively. On the other hand, Naga City had the least percentage of underweight students, at 34.7 percent.
Meanwhile, Masbate ranked first among the school divisions that registered children with normal weights, with 61.9 percent. Second in the list was Naga City (61.2 percent), followed by Iriga City (58.2 percent). Sorsogon and Camarines Sur ranked last, with 50 and 44.8 percent, respectively. 
Camarines Sur, on the other hand, submitted the highest percentage of overweight children, with 6.5 percent. It was followed by Sorsogon with 5.5 percent, and Naga City with 4.0 percent. Iriga City registered the least percentage of overweight children with only 1.4 percent.