ISO-QMS Final Gap/Readiness Assessment

Release Date: 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Employees from the Philippine Statistics Authority stepped away from their projects last Wednesday, September 25th, to take part in a DAP Report on Readiness of PSA for ISO Certification., Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD) and Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD) took the assessment separately to focus on even detailed information, documents and processes undergoing on PSA.

The following day Thursday, September 26th results of the Readiness Assessment were announced all good practices and also the practices that are for improvement, as for the overall readiness of the PSA it was confirmed to be prepared for the Conduct of 3rd Party Audit for ISO Certification that will be held on this coming November.

PSA will continually strive for the ISO Certification and promote good practices that can develop the effectiveness of our services.