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Friday, August 12, 2022

Philippine Statistics Authority - Catanduanes Provincial Statistical Office will spearheads the conduct of 2022 Updating of List of the Establishments (ULE) that will start on 15 August 2022. The 2022 ULE will involve the field verification of establishments whose business operations have temporarily stopped based on the results of 2021 ULE. This is to determine the current status of these establishments as to whether they already resume operation or were already permanently closed or still temporarily stopped. Also, to further assess the operation of these establishments after the pandemic, a supplementary questionnaire will be administered. An establishment is defined as an economic unit that is under a single ownership or control, i.e. under a single legal entity; which engages in one or more predominantly one kind of economic activity and at a single fixed physical location.

One Statistical Researcher will be hired to conduct the field verification of temporarily stopped establishments. Basic characteristics of establishments already in operation shall be collected using the Establishment Inquiry Form (ULE Form 3). Personal interview will be the primary mode of data collection. However, if personal interview is not possible, the establishments may accomplish the questionnaire as self-administered using the printed copy or the fillable pdf version of the ULE Form 3. In addition, a supplemental questionnaire, 2022 ULE Supplemental Questionnaire (ULE Form 3-1) shall also be accomplished for all establishments in the masterlist. It contains detailed questions related to temporary closures of business operation. The Checklist of Economic Units in the Barangay (ULE Form 8) will also be used to verify presence of establishments to Non-ULE barangays, the barangays with no establishments in 2021.

The authority and mandate of the PSA to conduct the survey emanates from R.A. 10625. Like any other surveys undertaken by the PSA, the data to be gathered in the said survey are for statistical purposes only and will be published in summary forms. Information obtained from the respondents are held STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and are not used for investigation, taxation and law enforcement purposes and are not be divulged to any person except authorized PSA personnel acting in the performance of their duties.