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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Philippine Statistics Authority leads the conduct of the 2020 Census of Population and Housing. It is a nationwide undertaking to update the demographic, socio-economic, housing characteristics, household characteristics, and barangay characteristics. The data to be collected will provide government planners and policy makers on data that will serve as basis for delivery of basic services.
The enumeration starts 1 September 2020. As planned, the end of enumeration is 29 September 2020 but due to challenges brought about by this global pandemic, extension up to October 2020 may be possible. This is a mandatory obligation of everyone to respond to the census as stated in Section 27 of the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013. The Head of the household and/or the spouse is more preferred to be the respondent and to prepare data on birthday, residence of mother at the time of birth of the household member, Highest Grade Completed, Ethnicity, Year built of the Housing Unit, Floor Area of the Housing Unit. School attendance, Occupation, and Fertility Indicators are some of the Additional questions for the sample households that were randomly selected.
For Catanduanes, a total of 295 Enumerators province-wide conduct the door to door visit to all households, housing units, and Institutional Living Quarters. The 61 Team Supervisors, 14 Census Area Supervisors (CAS), 4 Head CAS, and selected PSA Provincial Office Staff will supervise the operation.
To properly identify the field personnel involved, the office provided Vest, Polo shirts, Cap, Clipboard, Umbrella, and Laminated ID all with 2020 CPH logo and Tag line. In observance to safety protocols on COVID 19, the office distributed surgical face masks, face shield, and hand sanitizer.
The full support and cooperation of every Catandunganon will greatly contribute to the success of the operation.

Chief Statistical Specialist