RSCC 5 Approves Sorsogon Poverty Maps

The Regional Statistical Coordination Committee (RSCC) Region V approved, in its August 9, 2007 meeting, the poverty maps of the Province of Sorsogon. The poverty maps were prepared by the Provincial Planning and Development Office of Sorsogon with technical assistance from the NSCB Regional Division V. Sorsogon is the first province in the region to institutionalize the poverty 

mapping activity.

Poverty mapping is an activity initiated by the NSCB to provide local government units with an additional tool for planning, programming, implementation and monitoring of poverty alleviation initiatives. Following the Minimum Basic Needs (MBN) framework, the poverty maps provide an indicator-based measure of poverty for comparison across municipalities/cities in a province over time. It uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to translate the MBN indicators into maps for visual appreciation of the conditions and locations of the poor.

Institutionalization of the poverty mapping activity in Sorsogon was formalized through Sorsogon Provincial Development Council (PDC) Resolution No. 4 Series of 2005. Activities leading to the preparation of the poverty maps were initiated by the PPDO of Sorsogon late in 2005 with technical assistance from the NSCB Regional Division V. Technical assistance came in the form of training on data generation, data cleaning and validation, computation of indexes and basic GIS software application for the preparation of the maps. Constant coordination between the Sorsogon PPDO and NSCB Regional Division was maintained during the whole process. Prior to the presentation of the poverty maps to the RSCC, a validation workshop was conducted by the PPDO with Local Planning and Development Officers, representatives of data source agencies and other stakeholders in the province.