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Provincial Statistics Office     
Camarines Sur Province     
Clemente S. Manaog     
Chief Statistical Specialist     
2nd Floor MMCN Building     
Panganiban Avenue     
Naga City, Camarines Sur 4400     
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PSO's Message

This year is a testament of PSA Camarines Sur’s unwavering commitment to deliver relevant and reliable statistics and efficient civil registration services; steadfast dedication to give its humble share in nation building; and tireless resilience in the face of constant challenges and overwhelming workload.  I am deeply honoured and privileged to lead the province’s lean yet competent and outstanding personnel to this year of great accomplishments, with the support of PSA’s regional and national offices.

Camarines Sur ranks 11th most populous among the 81 provinces in the country with a population of 1,952,544 as of August 1, 2015, and growing at 1.32 percent annually.  It covers five congressional districts with 1,063 barangays spread in 35 municipalities and two cities.  In 2016, an additional of 77,156 civil registry records were received and processed in the province.  Close to 45 percent of Bicol Region’s household-based and establishment-based statistical activities and workload is lodged in the province.  Sixty percent of agricultural statistics in the region is also generated from the province.  On top of these, Camarines Sur is also home to the Naga City CRS Outlet which serves, on the average, 1,600 requesting clients during peak season.  All these activities make our work interestingly challenging.

Charged to do these enormous tasks are 12 regular personnel augmented by four job order staff, three service contractors, and sufficient number of hired statistical researchers during survey operations.  The CRS Naga City Outlet operates with 12 service contractors.  While originally Camarines Sur is allocated with 27 plantilla positions enough to cover the entire province, the reorganization, retirements, and deaths depleted the available personnel of the province.  With the implementation of RA 10625 and the fusion of all statistical activities of the government, the pressure for PSA Camarines Sur’s currently available personnel to deliver is even more emphasized.

I am very proud of the teamwork and cooperation of everyone, and for all these accomplishments, I give my most heartfelt gratitude and all credits to the men and women of PSA Camarines Sur.  CLEMENTE S. MANAOG - Provincial Statistics Officer

The Province

Camarines Sur is situated at the southeastern portion of Luzon, about 450 km south of Manila, is bounded on the north by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Maqueda Channel, on the south by the Province of Albay, on the west by the Ragay Gulf, and on the northwest by the provinces of Camarines Norte and Quezon.With a land area of 5,266 square kilometers,Camarines Sur is composed of five(5) congressional districts, with 35 municipalities and two cities: NAGA CITY, the lone chartered city, is the province's and the region's commercial, educational, financial, and cultural center, while IRIGA CITY, a component city, is the center of the Rinconada area.; composed 1,063 barangays divided into 1,353 enumeration areas. Noted for its volcanic soil, the province produces abaca, rice and coconut. Fishing and tourism are the important activities in its 497 kms shoreline. The smallest fish “sinarapan” in the world is found in Lake Buhi. Pili trees, known for its nuts, grow abundantly in Camarines Sur. The capital town of Pili is named after the fruit. Camarines Sur derived its name from “camarin” the Spanish word for “rice granary” or warehouse.

Provincial Statistical Figures Camarines Sur

Demography Aug 2015
Total Population 1,952,544
Male 995,058
Female 957,486

Price Indices October 2017
Consumer Price Index (2006=100) 158.1
Inflation Rate 5.3
Purchasing power of peso 0.63
Domestic Trade 1st Qtr 2017
Coastwise trade  
Quantity* 502,187
Value* 2, 850, 441
Air trade  
Quantity* 29
Value* 2,115

*(Quantity in thousand tons; value in P1,000)

VITAL STATISTICS (September 2017)

Registered Births 4,889
Registered Marriage  398
Registered Deaths 1,005
Foetal Deaths 23
CDLI/ AUSF 1,890
AML 433


Naga City 196,003
Iriga City 111,757
Libmanan 108,716
Pili 89,545
Nabua 83,874



Consumer Price Index
As of October 2017
Inflation Rate
As of October 2017
Annual Per Capita Poverty Threshold
As of 2015-2016
P 22,154
Poverty Incidence Among Families
As of 2015-2016
Poverty Incidence Among Population
As of 2016
Motor Vehicle Registered
As of 3rd Qtr., 2016
Land Area(in sq km)
As of 2015
Percentage to the Region's Land Area
As of 2015
No.of Cities
As of June 2015
No.of Municipalities
As of June 2015
No.of Barangays
As of June 2015
Total Population
As of August 1, 2015
Percentage to the Region's Population
As of August 1, 2015
Population Density (pop./ 
As of August 1, 2015
Average Annual Population Growth Rate
Palay Production
4th Qtr., 2016
219,615 MT
Corn Production
4th Qtr., 2016
32,394 MT
Coconut Production
4th Qtr., 2016
83,563 MT
Abaca Production
4th Qtr., 2016
263 MT
Fish Production
4th Qtr., 2016
15,693 MT
No. of New Construction
4th Qtr., 2016


Demography 2015
Total Population 1,952,544
Male 995,058
Female 957,486
Dependency Ratio 70
Sex Ratio 104
Population Growth Rate (2010-2015) 1.32
Voting Age Population 1,104,260
Average Household Size 4.9
Median Age Population 21.6



Inside PSA CamSur

CamSur Statistical News

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