Provincial Statistics Office
Catanduanes Province 
Anavi F. Camacho
Supervising Statistical Specialist/
2nd Floor P. Araojo Arcade
National Road, Cavinitan
Virac, Catanduanes 4800
Tel no.: 0920-968-1179 

PSO's Message

It was a great honour and privilege that the Catanduanes Provincial Office has been recognized as the Top 3 Performing Provincial Office during the 2016 PSA Field Awards and Top 4 Provincial Office in terms of Statistical Operation nationwide. Furthermore, it humbles me to say that all these accolades were achieved despite our meagre workforce in the province. For if it is not with great collaboration and teamwork from all employees from regular down to casual employees, none of these would ever be possible. 
Year 2016 was one of the most challenging year in the PSA Catanduanes to say the least because not only was it the year full of activities, it was also the year that the provincial office had a reduction in its regular workforce. To note, the office was able to achieve on the statistical side great feats on 2015 POPCEN machine processing, 2016 Updating of Master sample, Map Digitization of LFS Sample households, 2016 Updating of List of Establishments, 2015-2016 Occupational Work Surveys and Integrated Survey on Labor and Employment, 2016 Household Survey on Domestic Visitors, including the regularly conducted surveys weekly (three surveys), monthly (six surveys), quarterly (six quarterly surveys), and annually (three surveys). On top of that is the regular works on Civil registration including the processing of civil registry documents, the assistance to Bicol Association of Civil Registrars especially in the conduct of its regional leadership summit in the province and the conduct of its monthly meetings, the conduct of trainings with regard to the implementation of Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9255, as well as the continued campaign of 100% registration for the year 2024 by the virtue of presidential decree no. 1106 through various active forums and information dissemination activities.
To all my co-employees, let us continue to sow the good seeds of teamwork and positive work attitude as we strive to live by the code of PSA’s professionalism, responsiveness, innovativeness, strategic thinking, motivation, and best of all God fearing individuals.Together let us excel and continuously improve together as we learn new surveys especially on agricultural statistics. PSA’s year 2017 theme is “Level-up at 4,” where we are called once again to be at our very best to surpass what has already been achieved. You can be assured that I’ll be there guiding you all the way.  
To all our respondents and stakeholders, may you continue to support the various undertakings of the office through your prompt and honest answers to all our surveys. Thank you for continuously recognizing the sincere thrust of the office and for entrusting with your precious answers.  
To the Municipal Civil Registrars of various municipalities in the province a big thanks to all of you for all your unwavering support in carrying out the mandates of civil registration. Without your support none of these would be possible.
To the Local Chief Executives, the Media, the line and partner agencies, NGOs and the public in general a big thank you to all of you. 
To the management, for always considering our welfare. 
To the men and women of the PSA surveys, all hired statistical researchers and their families, for all the hard-work, respect, understanding, and competence that you have shown. 
And lastly, to Almighty God for providing the wisdom, strength, opportunities, good health, and for touching the lives of all our acquaintances, in him who made everything else possible. Thank you. 
God bless us all!    

The Province

Lying east of Bicol mainland, Catanduanes is an island paradise in the pacific, covering a total land area of 1,511.5 sq km. Your visit to this island is more than just wxploring its unspoiled beaches or enjoying surfing at Puraran Beach located on the northside. Catanduanes offers much more. It is rich in history, belnding quality with the peaceful jutting mountains all over the island. Adventurers hike the twisting trails of Gigmoto and San Andres and enjoy the cool refreshing waterfalls.

The religious visit to the ancient church of Bato and hike to the stone chapel a kilometer away where the first mass was believed to have been celebrated byt the Spanish conquerors. Island life is not quite as it seems. The capital town of Virac is irresistible for an oceanfront entertainment and arousing videoke bars. A hotel offers a breathtaking view of the entire island as its penthouse restaurant. Resorts abound to accomodate leisure-sseking travelers, with a chain of picnic sheds and cottages over a well-manicured, surrounded with lush greeneries.

The province comprises Catanduanes Island (also called Virac Island), the Panay Island, Lete Island, Palumbanes group of islands (Porongpong, Tignob and Calabagio) and a few other minor surrounding islets and rocks.

Catanduanes was a former sub-province of Ambos Camarines in the early 1900s and later of Albay. It gained provincial autonomy when Congressman Francisco Perfecto filled House Bill No. 301 which separated the province from Albay. It was approved on September 26, 1945 and subsequently signed into law by President Sergio Osmeña on October 24, 1945. Remigio Socito, the last Lieutenant Governor, was appointed as the first Provincial Governor. When elections were held in 1947, Alfonso V. Usero became the first elected Governor.



Did you know that the total population for the province of Catanduanes as of August 1, 2015 is 260, 964 ?



What's New?


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SR on Livestock, 2015-2016 SR on Palay and Corn, 2015-2016
SR on Fisheries, 2015-2016 SR on Farm Price, 2015-2016


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Provincial Statistical Figures Catanduanes

Demography Aug 2015
Total Population 260,964
Male 133, 732
Female 127, 232
Household Population 258, 874
Male 132, 407
Female 126, 467
Price Indices Sept 2017
Consumer Price Index (2006=100) 155.70
Inflation Rate 2.8
Purchasing Power of the Peso 0.64

Vital Statistics 2nd Qtr 2017
Registered Vital Events   
Birth 1, 769
    Male 864
         Female 905
Marriage 358
Death 500

Catanduanes Annual Report 2016

2015 POPCEN Results - Demographic Characteristics


Catanduanes Statistical News

November 2017

The Philippine Statistics Authority is currently conducting the 2017 Listing of Farm Households (LFH). The 2017 LFH aims to provide updated sampling frame for agriculture-based surveys. Specifically, the 2017 LFH activity will determine the information that will support the development of an... Read more about PSA CATANDUANES CONDUCTS 2017 LISTING OF FARM HOUSEHOLDS

November 2017

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Catanduanes will undertake the October 2017 Consumer Expectations Survey (CES).

The CES is a household-based survey on the consumers’ assessment of their family income, financial situation and the economic condition of the country. A complementary... Read more about PSA CATANDUANES TO UNDERTAKE OCTOBER 2017 CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS SURVEY (CES)

November 2017

The Philippine Statistics Authority will conduct the October 2017 Labor Force Survey and Survey on Overseas Filipinos. The Labor Force Survey is a nationwide quarterly survey of households to gather data on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population. The LFS aims to... Read more about PSA CATANDUANES TO UNDERTAKE OCTOBER 2017 LFS/SOF

November 2017

Catanduanes News Letter 2nd Quarter 2017 is the official quarterly publication of PSA Catanduanes Provincial Statistical Office.

November 2017

The population of the Province of Catanduanes as of August 1, 2015 was 260,964, based on the 2015 Census of Population (POPCEN 2015).

The 2015 population is higher by 14,664 compared with the population of 246,300 in 2010, and by... Read more about Highlights of the 2015 Census of Population for the Province of Catanduanes

November 2017


Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System

Art. 49.

November 2017

Province: Catanduanes
Period Covered: October 2017____


Harvesting of irrigated and rainfed palay areas have started. Some farmers are now preparing their land for the next cropping season. Supply of vegetables,... Read more about AGRICULTURAL SITUATION REPORT



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