Provincial Statistical Office
Catanduanes Province 
Chief Statistical Specialist
BL Jastrid Bldg National Road, Cavinitan
Virac, Catanduanes 4800
CP No.: 0920-968-1179 

Chief Statistical Specialist's Message

Hard work, commitment, and the enthusiasm to serve made all the 2020 activities possible to accomplish amidst the pandemic and natural calamities. This is indeed a challenging year for the men and women of PSA Catanduanes that with bravery, and perseverance, the conduct of 2020 Census of Population and Housing and other equally important surveys that needs face to face interaction in all phases of the activities were carried out. Civil Registration Services continues operating on an eight (8) hours per day for five (5) days a week and the services offered were extended to the level of the Local Civil Registry Offices by allowing them to accept request transactions for PSA issued documents just to address and consider the high cost of transportation and limited access to public transportation.

This year, we were able to sponsor the 1st Provincial Statistics Committee Meeting in the first quarter of 2020 and have it reorganized for a valid reason.

We owe all of the accomplishments in 2020, with zero casualties, to Almighty God for the full protection provided to us. Likewise, we acknowledged the big help of our partners: the LGU's, DepEd, Media, Religious groups, with special mention to the active Municipal Civil Registrars and LCRO Staff.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to our goods and services providers for the prompt delivery of quality goods and services used in the operation.

At this juncture, I would like to congratulate my PSA Catanduanes Family for a job well done and for not giving up despite the damages and challenges brought by Super Typhoon Rolly. The all-out support of the management kept us inspired and determined to keep going.

Let us continue to adapt to the new normal way of doing things by Strengthening Digital Information and Improving Quality of Statistical Products and Services. Together, we hold on to our Vision and Mission as we deliver our Mandate with Integrity, Adaptability, and Transparency.



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Catanduanes Preliminary Birth Statistics, 2021

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Catanduanes Birth Statistics 2020

Catanduanes Marriage Statistics 2020

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San Andres
San Miguel

Catanduanes Preliminary Vital Statistics for First Semester 2021

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The Province

Lying east of Bicol mainland, Catanduanes is an island paradise in the pacific, covering a total land area of 1,511.5 sq km. Your visit to this island is more than just wxploring its unspoiled beaches or enjoying surfing at Puraran Beach located on the northside. Catanduanes offers much more. It is rich in history, belnding quality with the peaceful jutting mountains all over the island. Adventurers hike the twisting trails of Gigmoto and San Andres and enjoy the cool refreshing waterfalls.

The religious visit to the ancient church of Bato and hike to the stone chapel a kilometer away where the first mass was believed to have been celebrated byt the Spanish conquerors. Island life is not quite as it seems. The capital town of Virac is irresistible for an oceanfront entertainment and arousing videoke bars. A hotel offers a breathtaking view of the entire island as its penthouse restaurant. Resorts abound to accomodate leisure-sseking travelers, with a chain of picnic sheds and cottages over a well-manicured, surrounded with lush greeneries.

The province comprises Catanduanes Island (also called Virac Island), the Panay Island, Lete Island, Palumbanes group of islands (Porongpong, Tignob and Calabagio) and a few other minor surrounding islets and rocks.

Catanduanes was a former sub-province of Ambos Camarines in the early 1900s and later of Albay. It gained provincial autonomy when Congressman Francisco Perfecto filled House Bill No. 301 which separated the province from Albay. It was approved on September 26, 1945 and subsequently signed into law by President Sergio Osmeña on October 24, 1945. Remigio Socito, the last Lieutenant Governor, was appointed as the first Provincial Governor. When elections were held in 1947, Alfonso V. Usero became the first elected Governor.

STAT WATCH Catanduanes

Demography as of 1 May 2020
Total Population 271, 879
Household Population 270, 775
Number of Households 60, 352
Average Household Size 4.5
Price Indices April 2022
Consumer Price Index (2018=100) 117.3
Inflation Rate 2.8
Purchasing Power of the Peso 0.85

Vital Statistics March 2022
Registered Vital Events  666
Birth 421
Marriage 93
Death 152


2020 CPH - Total Population, Number of Households, Household Population and Average Household Size

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2015 POPCEN Results - Household Population, Number of Households, Average Household Size

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Authorization Letter

Catanduanes Statistical News

March 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority will conduct the monthly Labor Force Survey (LFS) this March 2022. A total of ten (10) sample barangays with ninety-six (96) sample households will be interviewed in the province by Statistical Researchers from 8 to 31 March 2022.

March 2022

48.8% percent of babies born in Catanduanes in 2021 are female

March 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will conduct the Monthly Palay and Corn Situation Reporting System (MPCSRS), Palay and Corn Stocks Survey (PCSS), Commercial Stocks Survey (CSS) from 01 to 05 March 2022. Four Statistical Researchers will interview 86 sample households for MPCSRS, 131... Read more about PSA CATANDUANES TO CONDUCT MARCH 2022 MPCSRS, PCSS AND CSS

March 2022

Actual deaths in 2021 reaches 2, 239

The actual number of deaths reported in Catanduanes in 2021 reached 2, 239 which is equivalent to a crude death rate of 8.1 or 8 deaths per thousand population in 2021.

Among the eleven municipalities, municipality of Virac had the highest... Read more about 2021 CATANDUANES PRELIMINARY DEATH STATISTICS

February 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will conduct the Farm Price Survey (FPS) this February 2022. The FPS, which is conducted monthly by PSA, aims to generate estimates on farmgate prices of major agricultural commodities, develop sets of price indices and measure the purchasing power of... Read more about PSA CATANDUANES TO CONDUCT FEBRUARY 2022 FARM PRICE SURVEY

February 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority will conduct the quarterly Crops Production Survey (CrPS) this February 2022 in all municipalities in the province. The commodity coverage varies by municipality based on the availability in terms of planting and seasonality. The field enumeration will be... Read more about PSA CATANDUANES TO CONDUCT 1ST QUARTER 2022 CROPS PRODUCTION SURVEY

February 2022


Inflation Rate in Catanduanes accelerated to 1.8 in January 2022

The Inflation Rate (IR) in Catanduanes for January 2022 accelerated to 1.8 percent which translates to a Purchasing Power of the Peso of P 0.86. It is higher than the registered IR of 1.... Read more about CONSUMER PRICE INDEX FOR ALL INCOME HOUSEHOLDS IN CATANDUANES JANUARY 2022 (2018=100)

February 2022

Actual marriages in 2021 reaches 1, 017

The actual number of marriages reported in Catanduanes in 2021 reached 1, 017. Municipality of Virac had the highest number of marriages with reported 331, followed by municipality of San Andres with 144 and municipality of Pandan with 141 reported... Read more about 2021 CATANDUANES PRELIMINARY MARRIAGE STATISTICS

February 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority will conduct the monthly Labor Force Survey (LFS) this February 2022. A total of six (9) sample barangays with ninety seven (96) sample households will be interviewed in the province by Statistical Researchers from 9 to 28 February 2022.

February 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority will conduct the monthly Labor Force Survey (LFS) this February 2022. A total of six (9) sample barangays with ninety seven (96) sample households will be interviewed in the province by Statistical Researchers from 9 to 28 February 2022.



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