Regional Social and Economic Trends

Regional Social and Economic Trends
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Presents comprehensive data on the various sectors of the region its component provinces, cities and municipalities. The RSET continues to be the only available regular publication in the region which contains a comprehensive compilation of multi-sectoral data about the region presented in time series. The data are useful in making decisions and setting policies as well as in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects towards effective governance and public service delivery at the local level.

The Publication Contents & Uses
Presents major social economic developments at the regional and sub-regional levels in data series with textual analysis and graphical illustration added to highlight significant trends designed to address the need of local government planners and decision makers in the exercise of their devolved functions and to provide local business entrepreneurs and other investors with data useful in making marketing plans, decisions and strategies
Time Span of Data Contents
Data series ranging from 3-12 years with monthly breakdown for the latest annual data for some sectors
Geographic Area Code
Regional, provincial, city and municipality for some indicators
Data Contents
Among the data series that can be found in each regional RSET are:
Agriculture and Agrarian Reform
  • Crop production and area harvested of major and temporary crops
  • Number and area of farms
  • Area harvested/planted, total production and yield by major crop
  • Livestock and poultry inventory by specie and number slaughtered in abattoirs
  • Area and production of inland fishponds
  • Quantity of marine fish landed
  • Status of CARP implementation, land acquisition, distribution and scope of CARP coverage
  • Number of registered cooperatives
  • Number of schools/institutions
  • Enrolment and Graduates in Pre-elementary, Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary
  • Number of teachers
  • Literacy rate of household population
  • Performance indicators: participation, cohort survival, completion, graduation, transition, retention, drop-out, and repetition rates
  • Teacher-pupil ratios
  • School-going age population
Energy and Water Resources
  • Number of municipalities and barangays energized
  • Service connections
  • Power generation and distribution/consumption
  • Power rates
  • Number and service area of existing communal and private irrigation systems
  • Number and membership of existing irrigators associations and farmer beneficiaries
Environment and Natural Resources
  • Status of land classification and land use cover
  • Volume and value of mineral production
  • Watershed areas
  • Climatological data
Establishment Characteristics: Industrial Sector
  • Number of establishments
  • Number, floor area and value of private building construction
  • Investments generated
Income and Prices
  • Number of families by income class, expenditure class and main source of income
  • Total and average family income, expenditures and savings
  • Poverty threshold and incidence
  • Consumer price index
  • Inflation rate
Labor and Employment
  • Population 15 years old & over, labor force participation rate and employment, underemployment and unemployment number/rate and employment status
  • Employed persons by major industry and occupation group
  • Unemployed persons by highest grade completed
  • Labor turnover rates
  • Number and membership of existing unions/organizations and CBAs filed
Money and Banking
  • Number of offices of the financial system
  • Total deposits and operating income of banking offices
  • Loan portfolio and combined resources of banking offices
Population and Housing
  • Population, growth rate, and population projections
  • Land area and population density
  • Sex ratio and age composition and age dependency ratio and marital status
  • Migration
  • Language or dialect generally spoken
  • Household population
  • Households in occupied dwelling units by type of building, construction material of roof and outer wall, with household appliances/conveniences, lighting used, cooking fuel, type of toilet facilities and main source of drinking water
  • Housing units occupied and vacant
Public Administration
  • Average income and classification of provinces and municipalities
  • Internal revenue collections
  • Income and expenditures of local government units
Public Order, Safety and Justice
  • Volume and rates of crime by type
  • Crime incidence and solution efficiency rate
  • Incidence of fire, injuries, deaths, and value of damaged properties
  • Ratio of policemen and firemen to population
  • Jail population
  • Cases handled and clientele assisted by public attorney's office
Social Services
  • Number of clients served by DSWD by clientele category
  • Number of Day Care Centers and Workers
  • Number of disabled persons by type of disability
  • Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances served by the DSWD
  • Number of Reported Cases of Child Abuse served by the DSWD
  • Coverage, contributions received and benefits paid by GSIS
  • Visitor and tourist arrivals
  • Distribution of travelers
  • Monthly Hotel Occupancy Rate
  • Number of hotels and accommodations establishments and corresponding number of rooms
  • Volume and value of air and rail trade by commodity and port
  • Quantity and value of cargo loaded and unloaded
  • Volume and value of commodity flow by region
Transportation and Communication
  • Motor vehicles registered and permits/licenses issued
  • Number of Franchise Applications Approved
  • Inventory and length of existing roads and bridges
  • Aircraft movement, passengers carried, and volume of cargo
  • Inventory of ports
  • Number of shipcalls, cargo throughput and passenger traffic
  • Number of telecommunication facilities
  • Telephone distribution and density
  • Number of licensed radio stations
  • Number of post offices, postal stations and mail carriers and mail and parcel volume handled
Vital, Health and Nutrition
  • Registered live births, deaths and marriages
  • Foetal and maternal deaths
  • Morbidity and leading causes
  • Mortality and leading causes
  • Number of hospitals, bed capacity, and bed population ratio
  • Coverage of immunization program
  • Nutritional status of children age 0-7 years/pre-school children
No. of Pages:   Ranges from more than 500 pages.
Dissemination Format:   Print (Book), and CD
Agency:  Philippine Statistics Authority - Regional Statistical Service Office V
Address: 2nd Flr., Albay Capitol Bldg., Annex 1, Albay District, Legazpi City, Philippines
Telefax No.: (52) 480 5003