Weekly and bi-monthly survey on the changes in the prices of commodities consumed and services availed of by an ordinary Filipino household; serves as bases in the computation of consumer price index (CPI) and inflation rate.
Region CPI Inflation Rate Purchasing Power of Peso Month
Bicol Region 120.60 3.40 0.83 April 2019
Bicol Region 120.30 3.90 0.83 March 2019
Bicol Region 120.60 5.10 0.83 February 2019

Consumer Price Index for all Income Households in Bicol Region: December 2018

The Bicol Region’s inflation rate in December 2018 slowed down to 7.0 percent.
Compared to the 1.6 percent inflation rate in the same period last year, the December 2018
rate was still higher by 5.4 percentage points.
The movement was attributed to the Inflation Rate by two Commodity/Service
groups; Recreation and Culture (from 3.1 percent to 3.3 percent) and Restaurants and
Miscellaneous Goods and Services (from 5.9 percent to 6.0 percent).