Definition of Terms

Net Share of Crops, Fruits and Vegetables Produced or Livestock and Poultry Raised by Other Households
This refers to the family’s share of harvested crops, fruits, vegetables, etc., from the tenant of from a fixed rent or any amount out of the produce during the reference period. It also includes the share of the family from the proceeds of the sale of pig, cow, etc. which the family owned but raised by others and disposed of during the reference period although there was no landlord-tenant relationship between the sample family and the one who raised it.
Received as Gifts
Received as gift includes all food and non-food items received in kind by the family during the reference period. For food items, alcoholic beverages and tobacco received in kind by the family, only those consumed by the family during the reference period are included. Foodstuffs received in the form of support, assistance or relief are likewise considered as gifts. However, food items, alcoholic beverages and tobacco consumed by a family member at parties attended, or food items offered to him by friends are not included.
Food and non-food items received as gifts include those received from other households, charitable institutions, the government or from persons abroad, free of charge.
Entrepreneurial Activity
An entrepreneurial activity or a family-operated activity is any economic activity, business or enterprise whether in agriculture or in non-agricultural enterprises, engaged in by any member of the family as an operator or as self-employed.
Included as family-operated as single proprietorship or loose partnership, without formal organization. Thus partnerships, corporations, associations, etc. which are formally organized are excluded.
Family Sustenance Activity
A family sustenance activity is also a family activity but unlike an entrepreneurial activity, the produce from the former is mainly for home consumption. Occasionally, sales are made when the harvest/produce is more than enough for family consumption.
Family Expenditures
Family expenditures refer to the expenses or disbursements made by the family purely for personal consumption during the calendar year 2000. They exclude all expenses in relation to farm or business operations, investments ventures, purchase of real property and other disbursements which do not involve personal consumption.
Gifts, support, assistance or relief in goods and services received by the family from friends, relatives, etc., are also included as part of family expenditures.
Value consumed from net share of crops, fruits and vegetables produced or livestock raised by other households, family sustenance and entrepreneurial activities are also considered as family expenditures.
Food Consumed at Home
The items included in this portion cover the actual consumption (not expenditure) of the family during the past week. This category includes the food prepared at home and eaten in place of work, school, etc., and those home-cooked food bought outside the home but eaten at home.
Food consumption covers only the actual consumption of the family, as well as domestic helpers and other persons employed by the family to do odd jobs around the house, and family guests (relatives or non-relatives who are not members of the household but had stayed with or visited the family for less than a week within the past week). The consumption of boarders and other persons in the same household not related to the family is excluded from this category.
Food Regularly Consumed Outside the Home
This includes food regularly bought and eaten by the family members outside the home like snacks, merienda, lunch, etc. The daily allowance of school children for their sandwiches, soft drinks, etc. at school is also covered in this category.
Fuel, Light and Water
This refers to the total family consumption of fuel, light and water consumed during the reference period. For a family who shares facilities with other households or whose total consumption includes both personal and business expenses, only an estimate of the family's personal consumption is reported.
Non-Durable Furnishings
This includes the value of all non-durable furnishings such as utensils and accessories (dinnerware, silverware, kitchen utensils, etc.) for family use acquired within the reference period including those bought/received by the family for use during special occasions.
If the non-durables are made at home for family use, the total value of the materials and the cost of labor paid are reported as the value of the finished products. However, the value of labor rendered by a household member free of charge is not included.
Durable Furniture and Equipment
This includes all durable furnishings or equipment such as pieces of furniture, garden tools, appliances, cars, etc. acquired on a cash basis during the reference period and intended for family use during ordinary days or during special occasions.
Those durable furniture and equipment purchased on installment basis during the reference period are also included. The reported total value is the total installments paid plus initial down payment made on the item during the reference period.
Durable furniture made at home for family use are also reported in this part, hence, the value included is the value of the materials used and the cost of labor paid. Value of labor rendered by any member of the household free of charge is not included.
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