Transparency Seal

Transparency Seal

A pearl buried inside a tightly-shut shell is practically worthless. Government information is a pearl, meant to be shared with the public in order to maximize its inherent value.

The Transparency Seal, depicted by a pearl shining out of an open shell, is a symbol of a policy shift towards openness in access to government information. On the one hand, it hopes to inspire Filipinos in the civil service to be more open to citizen engagement; on the other, to invite the Filipino citizenry to exercise their right to participate in governance.

This initiative is envisioned as a step in the right direction towards solidifying the position of the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient – a shining example for democratic virtue in the region.

Mandate/Vision/Mission and Directory of Officials

FAR No. 3 - Aging of Due and Demandable Obligation (ADDO)

Monthly Report of Disbursements (MRD) - FAR No. 4

Quarterly Report of Revenue and Other Receipts (QRROR) - FAR No. 5




Bids and Awards Updates

Thursday, June 30, 2022
Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Saturday, April 23, 2022
Saturday, April 23, 2022


FOI Reports

FOI Standard Registry Sheet, Summary, and Data Inventory

Freedom of Information Reports

Budget Execution Plans and Targets

Financial Plan (BED No. 1) - Estimated obligation program of the budget year by quarter.

Physical Plan (BED No. 2) - Physical targets of the budget year by quarter.

Monthly Disbursement Program (BED No. 3) -Projected monthly disbursement requirements by type of disbursement authority.


2020 Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)