Bicol Regional Statistical Development Program 2018-2023



The Bicol Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) 2018 – 2023 which is the local version of the Philippine Statistical Development Program (PSDP) 2018-2023 serves as a mechanism for setting the directions, thrusts and strategies in the Regional Statistical System (RSS) and for defining the priority statistical development programs and activities to be undertaken in the medium term. It also serves as the blueprint of statistical activities in the region that produces the necessary data to design, implement and monitor sub-national development policies, plans, programs, and activities. The Bicol RSDP 2018-2023 will address the statistical needs of the Bicol Regional Development Plan 2017-2022 and its accompanying results matrices. 

The Bicol RSDP serves as a guide in monitoring the Core Regional Indicators (CoRe-Is) which are the key indicators that are available at the region.  The CoRe-Is aims to: (1) monitor the social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental developments in the local communities; (2) aid the government in understanding the needs of the local communities; and (3) enable both the national and local governments make the right policies, decisions, and actions.

The Bicol RSDP is a tool for integrating and coordinating the statistical activities of the government, enjoining compliance and cooperation among various agencies, as well promoting efficiency of statistical operations through an optimum use of available resources and adoption of cost effective measures. It supplements the statistical data and information needed in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, the CoRe-Is, and the region’s international commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, for integrating the statistical activities of government and promoting institutional building and cooperation among stakeholders in the RSS.


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